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From words
to an interactive prototype

In seconds

What is Gimbalst?

Bring your sitemap into a fully interactive prototype. 💥
And interact with it, the same way your users will.

You can quickly answer questions like:

  • Do the labels fit?
  • Is the main navigation clear?
  • How does it behave on mobile?

With Gimbalst, you do all this without using a graphic tool.
Less Copy-paste, and painless updating as revisions come.

Keep your favorite tools

Gimbalst integrates with your workflow to make it faster to prototype your navigation:

Copy your model from a mindmap or spreadsheet.
Paste your model into Gimbalst.
Your interactive prototype is ready to show and test.

Adjust to your needs

Gimbalst comes with useful options to customize how it is rendered:

  • Emphasise with *Markdown*
  • Display login buttons, language selector, or search module, by just checking a box.
  • Choose mega-menu, local navigation, or simple dropdown.
  • Customize the logo and colors to match any branding.

Make your clients and stakeholders picture it

Gimbalst brings your sitemap to life during a meeting, or to let your stakeholders use your navigation.

Actually, you can also share a private link to your clients.